Shared Vision of CNVC/NVC-O Community and Organisation

We envision a world where systems, cultures, and individuals support the wellbeing and empowerment of all people, with care for past, present, and future life.

Purpose of the CNVC/NVC-O Community

To live and radiate interdependence and compassion.

Mission of the CNVC/NVC-O Community

We are an informal community spread across the world, dedicated to supporting Members of our Community and individuals and organisations beyond that Community in creating a world that works for all. We:

  1. CONNECT: by actively reaching out to individuals and organisations and supporting them to learn and integrate NVC principles and practices.
  2. SUPPORT: each other through empathic and authentic presence and connection
  3. DEVELOP: principles and invent practices through hands-on work in different contexts and cultures that contribute to the creation of a world that works for all.
  4. MODEL: Nonviolent Communication principles and practices as individuals, in our interactions with others, and in the groups and organisations that we work in and with;
  5. INSPIRE: others to consider looking at NVC principles and practices as a tool that could enrich their lives.
  6. INITIATE: and organise events that nourish, celebrate and expand our Community;
  7. PROVIDE: input for the Organisation by harvesting the wisdom and knowledge generated within the Community.

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