“Recognised Roles” is the current name for what the existing CNVC Trainer Certification program is planned to evolve into. This page is meant to serve as a place to get information about the Recognised Roles program.


Program Status

The Recognised Roles program is currently in flux as a result of events within CNVC. However, as of November 2018, work on implementing Recognised Roles seems likely to resume, and some Recognised Roles Weaves are now forming.

Types of Weaves

As described here, there are presently two types of weaves that can be formed if one is wants to work towards a recognised role:

  • Emerging Recognised Role Weave – Made up of any Community Members wanting to form a Recognised Role weave, possibly including current CNVC Assessors and Certification Candidates. These weaves do not yet have populated all of the roles associated with a Prototype Recognised Role Weave. Anyone who joins the CNVC/NVC-O Community can form an Emerging Recognised Role Weave; just inform the Recognised-Roles-Support team that your weave exists, and who to contact for information about it.
  • Prototype Recognised Role Weave – Made up of Recognised Role Candidates (currently, simply members of the CNVC/NVC-O Community, who may or may not be Certification Candidates), those approved by CNVC/NVC-O processes to serve (transitionally) in the roles of Integration Trustee, Weave Coach, and Access Coach, and possibly other Community members. You will need to coordinate with the Recognised-Roles-Support team in order to fill these roles.

See a list of existing Recognised Role Weaves.

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