The Synanim “Framing the Big Picture” process was conducted in the summer of 2014 in four different languages. The process in each language produced a distinct summary statement:

  • English (278 participants, 6 sessions, 36 countries)
  • French (161 participants, 6 sessions, 13 countries)
  • German (161 participants, 6 sessions, 7 countries)
  • Japanese (5 participants, 2 sessions, 1 country)



A world where everyone’s needs matter, where all communities & individuals thrive and needs are met through humanity’s natural desire to make life more wonderful for each other. We hold a vision for a just, peaceful and regenerative world, built on the collaborative efforts of all people.


To co-create an international organization with regional affiliates that live and share NVC while “Being the Change” they want to see in the world. We steward NVC consciousness and evolution. Through collaboration, we embody applications of NVC principles in ways that bring about personal, interpersonal and systemic transformation.


1. Build Trust and Heal Social Pains: To nurture connection, building trust between individuals and groups. To heal the social and personal wounds from domination systems while focusing on shifting these systems. To nurture authentic compassionate dialogue within and outside of our global NVC community in which all parties look to moving toward meeting the most needs possible,

2. Encourage Trust and Authenticity Within the Community: In order to walk our talk at all levels, we live NVC consciousness together; share community wisdom and deep self-reflection; establish systems that support interdependence in a partnership paradigm, so system evolution can occur through experimentation.

3. Aspire to Global Peace: Mobilize local, regional and global resources for hot spots. Establish central resource of human conflict facilitators – teams and individuals who respond to community needs around the world, especially in conflicts impacting large groups of people.

4. Create a Framework for an Accessible, Inclusive and Connected Learning Model: To share resources, learning, trainings in a way that is accessible and affordable for everyone on the planet, especially in resource-poor and developing countries. Skill development and enhancement for all interested in promoting NVC consciousness locally and globally. Multi-cultural resource for interpersonal, interpersonal and systemic transformation.

5. Grow Change Through Connection: To interface with change agents and decision makers like governments, hospitals, schools, prisons and other institutions, so that compassion, sharing, connection and a restorative understanding of justice can be brought into everyday language.

6. Connect Local and Global Concerns: Interweave the global and local organizations in ways that are mutually supportive. A matrix of mentors, trainers, practitioners, sources of funding, etc. that are willing and able to help others on the NVC journey. Collaboration and organization that allows responsiveness and flexibility grounded in NVC consciousness and principles.

7. Ensure NVC Consciousness and Process Integrity: To steward NVC consciousness and evolution. Preserve integrity of NVC for shared multicultural understanding of the integration and embodiment of the consciousness of NVC.

8. Be a Catalyst for Social Change: Be a resource for social change ideas, practices, projects and systems. Create a network and database for this.

9. Promote Awareness: To promote the learning of the NVC process and consciousness globally, locally and individually.

10. Research: collaborate & develop evidence based, effective applications of NVC for personal, interpersonal and systemic transformation.

11. Network: Interweave local & global organizations in mutually supportive ways to promote synergy and replication of best practices born out of research. Platform to connect organizations, trainers, individuals.

12. Reflexive: Continuous feedback and growth within the organization, through a yearly feedback process that balances everyone’s needs, brings together people from diverse backgrounds and connects their needs, and checks in with the focus of the organization.




Our organization is based on collective and distributed intelligence, and the shared discoveries of our community members constitutes the source of our wealth.

Its aim is to give everyone the opportunity of discovering his/her resources, to reconnect intimately with what is alive in them and thus live in harmony with the world at large and contribute to peace

We broaden the scope of the NVC process so everyone can develop a consciousness of self, of others and of our common needs

We create an internal as well as external support system to develop empathic listening and Restorative Justice

We enable access to training, to the processing of information and its adaptation to the skills of the various communities we meet

We embody a change in relationship with power, learning and money


  • By being present in multiple areas — healthcare, education, justice, international aid programmes– to support conflict resolution on the basis of mutual needs (recognition)
  • By creating regular ways of conferring (Synanim, forum…) to pool ideas
  • By creating ways to offer ongoing attention and mediation, setting up a network of empathy (such as tel-aide, tel-empathy, youth centers, Centers for Empathy…) or joining existing set-ups
  • By having international contribution networks such as a “green cross” NGO for global NVC empathy, with a widely known logo and action plan
  • By federating power instead of monopolizing it, favoring a change of paradigms
  • By standing by values and embodying them (sociocratie and Restorative System)
  • By creating a space in which to keep watch and innovate in the areas of peace and social change
  • By setting up an “Empathy Day” with demonstrations, assemblies, visibility
  • By being present in the midst of communities and spreading locally thanks to local mediators
  • By addressing families: multiplying workshops for them to attend
  • By setting up resource spaces of therapy open to all, so as to bring about changes of paradigm, whatever the country
  • By supporting micro-communities, fraternities, to increase project visibility and integration


  • Refine the certification and training process to give support to the inspiration of existing trainers and certifiers
  • Develop and share the transmission materials created by different members of the community
  • Open up NVC to (possible) new professions by establishing NVC presence on campuses, while remaining VIGILANT in matters of practice and transmission
  • Be morally and financially congruent and transparent
  • Increase the number of practice groups, networks and NVC presence in problem areas


  • Make an inventory and collect all available learning materials, literature and video. Make them freely accessible
  • Contribute to an easy circulation of materials, both internally and externally
  • Let GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) be the reference
  • Set up resource spaces where help is accessible to all thus bringing about changes in paradigms


Preamble: OUR VISION
We want to live in a world in which the needs and feelings of all are valued and considered. We want to celebrate diversity of people and to encourage them to believe that they can contribute to the wellbeing of all in their own special way.


1. We ARE a community of people that invites ourselves and others to sustain a consciousness of interpersonal connection and to grow empathy, mindfulness and honesty between people.

2. In our organization we live an atmosphere of

  • enthusiasm
  • joy
  • security and comfort
  • togetherness / belonging
  • everything is allowed / welcome
  • everyone matters
  • freedom
  • courage and delight (also regarding conflict)
  • development, aliveness, learning
  • appreciation and openness for everyone

In the spirit of NVC consciousness as developed by Marshall Rosenberg with openness to not cling to it, but develop it further – as is in accordance with Marshall’s ideas.

3. We CREATE ROOM for solidarity, exchange, community and mutuality, being connected, being there for each other, mutual support, collective searching and experimentation

4. We LIVE what we teach:

  • we are an international network of people who are interested in inner and outer (intrapersonal and interpersonal) peace, as well as combining a growing consciousness and personal growth with social change
  • we are a forum for passing on NVC, for training and recognition of trainers and “MultiplikatorInnen”, as well as supporting their development (mentoring)
  • we spread NVC with joy, humor and ease
  • respect and appreciation is the basis for the way we treat each other
  • we meet people where they are, both in the way we talk and in the way we present ourselves
  • we have more movement than an organisation and are more organized than a movement (“bewegter als eine Organisation und organisierter als eine Bewegung”)
  • we practice lean, consensus oriented decision making, from bottom to top (regional, national, international)
  • internally, we have an empathic feedback and conflict culture and we respect cultural differences
  • we learn from cultures, from and with each other
  • we give impulses internationally, support projects and are in contact with international organizations on eye level

5. Our specific objectives are

  • supporting individuals and NVC groups to learn, live and share NVC
  • training and connecting of trainers
  • a lively platform for exchange and support for everything that is connected with working for peace, compassion, and conflict resolution
  • being a point of contact for solution of conflict on all levels (internal, interpersonal, group conflicts and political conflicts)
  • initiate and support building life-serving structures and systems
  • support different kinds of projects (schools, justice system, economy) and forming centers of excellence
  • publicity to make NVC more known worldwide
  • being present in media (give NVC a voice) and connect with other movements that are in harmony with the values of NVC
  • fundraising
  • research and development of life-serving structures in different areas (schools, justice, …)
  • creating a platform / portal for offering events (IITs, conventions, network meetings, etc.)
  • being a central point that people can contact when they are interested in NVC
  • practical support for creating and administration of materials and literature
  • help spread NVC in regions in which there are no regional structures (yet). In this we offer the chances and possibilities offered by NVC as a gift for everybody who wants to deal with it.


An exciting NVC organization that is both international and global

  • A pragmatic and dreamful organization equipped with sufficient skills and wisdom in order to fulfill needs both at grassroots and global levels.
  • An organization that resolves conflicts without use of physical force but by connecting Needs and Love.
  • A group of mediation experts that would be called upon at times of tensions and/or conflicts between states, nations, or other groups of people. It would facilitate dialogue by hearing and bringing all needs up to the common table, through rounds of empathy exercises during which everyone is supported to connect clearly with his or her needs and to respect them. With this facilitation, all involved would be supported to do their best and cooperate with one another in order to fulfill the most important needs.
  • Inheritor of social change projects that Marshall started: An inspirational organization that serves as a model for peace mediation, Restorative Justice, and empowerment of nonviolent political speech and political movements.
  • An organization with a vision of a world that can supply enough resources to support and fulfill each and every need. To this end, the organization can clearly present, as a new needs-based approach, a new economic system including mechanics for a new monetary flow and a new political system. In transition, the organization also supports the renewal of the existing structures at the same time by needs-based communication.
  • An organization that inherits the wisdom of mankind, and has strong connections with human resource networks, maximizing deployment of IT and other recent technologies as strategies to meet needs.
  • An organization that inspires each community, by presenting a model of the “power with” way of being over the “power over” ways.
  • A group of leaders, living in mutuality and NVC group consciousness, and sharing wisdom and skills for group tracking and process facilitation.

Purpose and Focus

  • At the global level, the organization should take up the challenge to eliminate any wars from the world and provide support for conflict resolution at the global scale and from the global perspective.
  • At the grassroots level, the organization would provide support for cultivating trustful communities in which people respect and share the talents and gifts of one another. The realization of a mechanism to support human relations at various levels would occur, with people being connected horizontally, by taking advantage of the sharing of resources, with a bank of rich human resources being established in each community unit.
  • The organization would provide a “field” that connects people from all over the world by making full use of existing IT technologies and developing additional ones.
  • The organization would support realization of an education system that values connections through feelings and needs rather than the principles of competition.
  • The organization would support realization of a medical care system, rooted in each community, that sincerely takes care of life.
  • The organization would help develop and support political activists who value and respect all needs.
  • The organization would encourage the affluent population to share their resources with the less fortunate and live together with them. It also promotes the idea of partnership for protecting the earth.

Activity Examples

  • Taking advantage of IT technology, online face-to-face meetings would be held on a regular basis. This will build a circle of support and connection through regular updates on activities and the status of NVC community in each country.
  • Online sessions will be held by the NVC leaders from each country. This would provide a space for people to freely dialog with one another.
  • Operation of an exchange students system and organization of global events. Workshops and events aimed at youth exchanges with participation across the borders. For example, a joint peace-building retreat with participation from South Korea, China, and Japan.
  • Grass-roots activities, such as empathy circle and an NVC shelter to provide safe places that support connections and empathy sharing. Such space would serve as a place where anyone can come and give and receive empathy.
  • Example of activity in the field of education: deliver free NVC workshops to teachers and/or parents who have direct communication with children. In that way, adults will be a model for children.
  • Example of activity in the field of medicine: activity which can give awareness to the medical personnel that true medication is not only pharmaceuticals. For example, sharing experience of recovery without use of drugs.
  • Example of activity in the political field: make politicians think about decision making and the writing of political manifestos from a place where they are connected with their own lives. We would create human connection with politicians and support them to connect with their needs by giving them empathy.
  • Develop a document maintenance team, and localize materials and programs created at the global level. Customize materials to address local issues.
  • Student exchange program (international, inter-regional and inter-community).
  • Disclose data that is credible and shows successful examples of introducing NVC: Document and share clinical data with specific numerical values to show what kind of help was actually provided and what problems were solved by which organization and in which country.
  • Organization of dialogues and establishing collaboration with influential people such as the Dalai Lama.
  • Like Lynne Twist is already doing, we would work with those who have attracted wealth, to promote coexistence and sharing of resources. It would foster camaraderie to protect the earth together.
  • Train experts in, for example, mediation, creating a pool of human resources from which experts can be dispatched at any time with short notice.
  • Support relationships in homes and in communities, fostering dialogue and creating connections among members, based on the understanding that we can accept each other without making anyone bad and with the perspective that violence is an expression of unmet needs. This would be realized by holding Learning Circles and/or workshops rooted in communities.

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