NF Plan Bulletin #3

Changes to CNVC

This bulletin offers a high-level overview of how the Center for Nonviolent Communication, CNVC, will be evolving to support the creation of NVC-O, the (not yet named) organisation envisioned in the New Future Plan (NF Plan).

What was the goal in creating NVC-O?

The New Future Process essentially invited those in the NVC network to think about the question: “What sort of organisation would we like to have at the heart of the worldwide NVC community?” Six hundred and five members of the NVC network offered their thoughts about this and related questions through the Synanim process. Then, Working Groups developed decisions meant to serve as concrete steps towards realising the dreams that the community had expressed.

NVC-O is the organisation (described in the NF Plan) that those working in the NF Process designed to be a vehicle for making the dreams expressed by the NVC network in the Synanim process into a reality.

In designing NVC-O, the goals included:

  • Continuation of CNVC’s service to the NVC network, building on and enhancing what has worked well..

  • Responsiveness to the needs of the community and to the “aliveness” of those doing the work.

  • Capacity to get much more done and meet more needs. This includes capacities to:

    • Make as many decisions as are needed.

    • Be efficient and effective.

    • Benefit from the energies and talents of many people.

  • A more deeply international and inclusive orientation.

How does CNVC fit into the picture of the New Future?

Those working in the NF Process established the vision of NVC-O, the organisation that would be at the heart of the worldwide NVC community. Then, the question arose: How do we get from where we are now (CNVC), to where we want to get (NVC-O)?

Let us consider a metaphor for the situation. Imagine that you had a business that you had been running out of one particular building, call it the Old Building, for several decades. You have spent time thinking through what sort of building will care for the needs of the business in the coming decades. You have called this new building that you want to use, the New Building. The question is, to create the New Building, will you build it from scratch, with a new foundation and all new materials — or will you renovate and expand the Old Building until it essentially becomes the New Building?

Those who came up with the NF Plan chose the latter approach, renovation. This philosophy is reflected in the CNVC transition plan, which was co-developed with the CNVC Board and Staff. The Plan calls for CNVC (the Old Building) to be built upon (with many elements being continued and reused), and also altered and expanded, in order to create NVC-O (the New Building).

How will different elements of CNVC be affected?

We might think of CNVC as one “thing,” but the CNVC organisation is actually made up of a number of different elements:

  1. CNVC legal entity (a U.S.-based tax-exempt nonprofit corporation, with a Board of Directors, bank accounts, and so on)..

  2. Functions that the organisation performs (e.g., IITs, Certification, etc.)

  3. People who make the decisions and do the work.

  4. Office where much of the work is done.

  5. Ways of organising and operating, including how decisions are made and how work gets done.

The changes called for in the NF Plan mostly relate to #5, ways of organising and operating.

As for the other elements of CNVC:

  1. The legal entity will continue. There will continue to be a CNVC Board of Directors. Changes affecting the Board will be discussed in a subsequent bulletin.

  2. The major functions of the organisation will continue. How some functions are performed will be evolved (e.g., in the case of Certification). New functions will also be added.

  3. The people working on behalf of the organisation will generally have an opportunity to continue to do so, provided they are able to adapt to the new ways of organising and operating, and meet any new selection criteria for the roles that they are in.

    1. In particular, If they choose, CNVC employees will be able to continue performing the jobs they have been doing — ideally under conditions that will offer more support and require less in the way of heroic labors.

  4. The office of CNVC will remain open, unless there is a collective decision by the employees and others to change this.

For clarity, when we talk about the CNVC organisation, we are talking only about those who have a role in making decisions on behalf of the organisation. Others, such as Certified Trainers, non-certified NVC trainers, and NVC practitioners are not directly affected by the changes in the NF Plan; they will be able to continue to do what they have been doing, in the way that they have been doing it.

What changes will there be to ways of organising and operating?

Those working on behalf of CNVC will organise and operate in the way that these are done in NVC-O. In particular:

  • Work will be done in work-groups called Weaves.

  • Those working on behalf of CNVC will go through a Partner Onboarding Process and become Partners in NVC-O.

  • Decisions will be made in keeping with the principles of self-management.

  • Coordination and consistency within the organisation will be achieved through a variety of mechanisms.

Many of the principles that govern how people will organise and operate were described in the previous bulletin, NF Plan Bulletin #2.


CNVC will continue to exist. The primary changes to CNVC will involve the ways that it organizes and operates.

NVC-O is largely a name for the form that CNVC is evolving into. A subsequent bulletin will describe the relationship between NVC-O and CNVC in more detail.