May 31, 2018

Dear members of the NVC-O Community,

Here is a quick update about what my colleagues on the ImpC and I have been recently doing and what is going on as we continue to build our new CNVC future together.

1)  The Pre-Virtual Home in its most basic form is up and running at People wanting to join the Community can do so now via the site!   Huge celebration!!!!

2) There has been a call with John Kinyon that was designed to support the budding Conflict Transformation Weave. Members of the Weave were present plus members of the Community. I experienced it as extremely inspiring! And I had fun! It’s so great to see everyones faces from across the world. The notes from this call will be posted and we are researching where to host the video.  More news later!

3) NVC-O Community Member Carl Plesner (Denmark and living and working in the Ukraine) raised some concerns about the way power is being addressed at this stage of the process we are in.  I (Elkie) call it the Ch-egg Phase – what comes first?  The chicken? or the egg?  We are thinking hard about how to expand rapidly and still address and hold with care issues of power and access.  Phew – it is tough working all this out.  Let us know how YOU experience this in our feedback form.

4)  the ImpC has written three letters to the Board.
a) Celebrating the mediation between Jeyanthy, Jan Carel and Elkie that was supported by Christian Zandt in the Netherlands.
b) Asking the Board to suspend the search for new Board members until ImpC and the Board are in dialogue about how to host this process in alignment with agreements made – or new ones made through dialogue.
c) asking wether CNVC is willing to receive funds that are raised to support the New Future Process – both Jan Carel and Cate have responded with a ‘YES’. We are delighted with this yes!

5) We are planning a letter to the Board asking them to honour the financial agreements made with some members of the Implementation Council and support staff up until the date of their letter. (The decision at the moment is back dated to 31 December 2107)

6)  We need your help 🙂   Does anyone, anywhere have some energy for translation?  Even if it is only a couple of hours a month? Uma has created lots of contacts in the last year and we are now trying to pull all that work together into a lively and inspiring International Weave.  Can you contribute?  Please let me know at or join one of the Zoom calls planned for Wednesday 6th June, at 06.00 UTC and 18.00/6pm UTC.  (This would be 7 in the morning and evening in the UK, and 8 in Central Europe: Zoom room number 665 320 4835)

There is more news in the pipeline!  for example..

…Jeyanthy and the Power, Access and Inclusion curriculum development team are about to share a first packet of materials for ‘testing’ and feedback. It will be used as part of the orientation process for Contributors to the organisation! –  Yes!!  Celebration! …Uma is working on opening Contributor pathway and also process for Community Weaves …and Aimee is busy expanding the Recognized Roles Weave.

Look out for more updates and please add to your email contacts so that our mails don’t end up in your Spam folder.

That’s all for now!

warm wishes,


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