In April 2014, the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) announced that it was committing to a “Process for a New Future,” a community-based process in which members of the worldwide Nonviolent Communication (NVC) network would make concrete decisions about the evolution of the organisation.

The overall process design included four phases. The third phase ended in January 2017, when members of the global NVC network ratified binding decisions about what would happen next, in the form of the New Future Plan (sometimes abbreviated as the “NF Plan”).

The fourth and final phase of the process is the “Implementation Phase,” in which an “Implementation Council” coordinates the implementation of the decisions in the NF Plan. This Implementation Phase is currently in progress.

For reference, here are the documents associated with the April 10, 2014 announcement of the process:

[See also information on the outcome of this process]

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