Help regarding New Future Process

The New Future Process is a community-driven organizational change process which the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) initiated in 2014 to create a new future for itself. In 2018, a conflict and communication breakdown within CNVC arose between the CNVC Board and those involved in CNVC’s New Future Process (including the Implementation Council and others involved in implementing the New Future Plan which emerged from the NF Process).

This conflict stimulated, and continues to stimulate, considerable distress and confusion in our community. It has also lead to an unplanned pause in implementation of the NF Plan.

We could use your help! Two different categories of help are relevant:

  1. Help CNVC transform its conflict, in keeping with CNVC’s vision of a world in which people “resolve conflicts peacefully.” You may want to support the conflict being addressed, regardless of what you think about the NF Plan, to support CNVC in advancing its vision — in the face of the current reality of an unresolved conflict between the CNVC Board and those involved in CNVC’s New Future Process.

    If you’d like to help with this, please consider joining the NVC Reconciliation Community, a group formed to help address this issue.

  2. Help implement non-controversial aspects of the NF Plan. If you support the NF Plan, with its vision of distributed leadership, support for NVC community, a community-based model for certification, and more, you may want to help us resume implementing the NF Plan. Trying to deal with the conflict has been profoundly demoralizing to date, and this had largely halted implementation. Yet, this seems like a good time to regroup, and get back to work on implementing the NF Plan, starting with aspects of NF plan that are independent and can be implemented without delay. New energy is needed, to support this happening.

    If you might consider the possibility of offering some help, you could let us know of your interest by filling out the form below.

    Note that some forms of help you might offer are relevant now, while others will only become relevant when and if the first round of helpers show up and do things that lead to those people being able to make use of additional help. So, you may or may not hear back from us anytime soon, in response to what you’ve expressed interest in contributing.

Thanks for your interest in caring for CNVC and its future!