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Is there any particular part of the New Future Process, New Future Plan or CNVC/NVC-O that you are especially excited about?

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Notary Kentish Town London
I have been aware of NVC for a long time have found the model very supportive through a recent conflict. I am excited about connecting.
I am excited to share about NVC Research .
i am really keen to be a part of the community that creates a nurturing and supporting space for each other; the community that supports each other through empathic and authentic presence and in doing so helps us bring our own authenticity forward.
I am excited that there is another collective with hundreds of members who are dedicated to NFP and strengthening the global NVC community.
Inner and outer Peacemaking
I am excited about creating a local community of interconnected individuals and groups who both support each other and are able to gather strength towards creating structural and social change.
I've been excited at the prospect of the Candidates Weave and of taking charge of our certification journeys in our country. At the same time I have some curiosity about the transition to Community Assessments and how these can happen in a way that is both inclusive and in integrity with the process.
I am very passionate about compassionate communication.
I am most excited about supporting the next generation of NVC practitioners and trainers in to find out how to contribute to our shared vision, mission and purpose.
the interdependence and the support system that Dominic and Miki speak about
Decentralized power. Open to community participation and decision making . Transparency.
I am excited about the opportunity for world-wide and across-cultures connection.  I am excited about the vision for inclusive and fluid ways to learn, integrate, and apply NVC tools and principles in a lived-way.
I am exited to be able to join the community and officially spread the word about this unique and vital program that leads to sustainable communication and well-being of a human without necessarily becoming a certified trainer. I believe this option lies in the basics of the learning and the original restrictions made it more difficult for the knowledge to be accessible to all in need. 
I love that this is a purposeful container to support the efforts of creating a world that works for all.
i was looking desperately for a methodology,  for a way of releasing the sociopyschological tension in my country and then i met an awesome person and thanks to her (Deniz from İstanbul) now i am filling this form.     
I want to change Batterers Intervention Program
I'm very excited to take part; I don't believe that there is much NVC activity near my area, so online collaboration will be key to continuing my understanding of principles and practices! I am contemplating the Certification process, and I look forward to this community's impact on such discernment.
I want to participate in building a new future and world for me, my family and company mates based on NVC
I'm excited to experiment with a decentralized, global network of people working in mutual aid with one another.
I am excited that NVC knowledge and resources are starting to be shared global via the Internet.
The decentralization or communities.
I feel especially exited when I imagine all the connection possibilities thanks to this website! thanks a lot! Dominique
I believe NVC can change the world and is a core component to making life more enjoyable for all. I'm really excited about all efforts to make practicing and spreading NVC easier.
Share of ressoures and inspiration Support by participating to a movement that is sharing a vision, purpse and mission that makes sense to me. Exploring new ways for governance where equivalence, purpose, subsidiarity and inclusion are core principles
I am excited because it feels as if I have found this community in a serendipitous manner.
I am excited to learn as much as I can!
The new forms of membership / roles / accreditation.
YEAH community based power WITH, let's cocreate this very brave and really new world of interdependence and joyfully contributing now!
I want to be a part of a community that lives and radiates interdependence and compassion. I especially want to be taught to provide NVC practices in education because I believe that if we work with children in the mission of NVC and the practices of NVC we tend to the past, and most especially the present and future life of them and the community.
Would love to respond at a later date when I imagine more space in my life.
Inspired about providing a context where it is easier to connect, and where resources are more easily shared.  
I'm very excited by the vision expressed in the New Future Plan, especially the way it is inspired by the work of Frederick Laloux. I had the privilege of working on a project led by Laloux that involved over 100 people from around the world working together. As I experienced how conflict was worked with in that context I can say experiencing first hand the type of organization Laloux writes about was deeply moving, even life changing for me. It's my sincere hope that the NVC community can begin to find and develop it's own version of this vision. I say this with sadness, frustration and also deep abiding faith given my knowledge of the strong divisions that now seem to be dividing the NVC community, the board and the ImpC.
I am excited to work more deeply with this interconnected, empathetic way of being in the world in all areas of my life.
I want to learn and support this process in my thoughts, feelings, and actions.
Coming from the PNW region of North America (Cascadia) and sharing the compassionate, transformative and socially just ways of being through my community organizing and activism has been a profoundly revelational experience.  It has revealed to me a strong need for more NVC educators and more communication skill building opportunities for people around the world who are seeking ways to participate in collective, conscious evolution.
I am excited to be part of a vision of coordinated worldwide connection making  a difference to forces building to divide and exclude, and including explicit acknowledgement of power in human relations.
I am super excited CNVC/NVC-O become a global and international, the importance of introducing this tools of communications is very essential for every human being on earth, it's almost like lungs that helps you breath, NVC helps strong real connections with self and others based on the highest form of love, self love.
I have initiated non-violent communication skill workshop in my country for countering violent extremism in university students. And i want to expand it.
This sounds beautiful and exciting! I'm part of a 4-person weave/ group/ pod/ squad, and I love it!!!(:   Also, I appreciate this question/ rompt even exists!
I am excited about this compassionate style of communication coming to my area.
Trainings in Maryland Area
Experiment about collective intelligence
More relieved than excited at the moment, that things have come together to get to this point! Much thanks to everyone involved.
I'm inspired by this experiment to craft a system that honors the diverse voices of those passionate about sharing and spreading NVC!
To meet needs for ease of understanding, I'm excited about the word "weave" being expanded to a more commonly understood term like "weave-committee" or "weave-group" or other.
I welcome a community of people sharing this mission so warmly.  It supports me in holding up the intention of creating a more peaceful world inside and outside of me. I see in the intention a deep spirituality that connects all life on this planet and especially people among each other.  Sharing power, honesty and understanding, trust, courage, inspiration, creativity, beauty in so many forms and compassionate connection within and without to the life energy that works in me and all living beings - that is what I long for and I find support in when I look at the conception of this new organization. I love the idea of weaves and I am open and curious to explore it with others, wondering which experiences will be forthcoming to mourn and celebrate.  I want to learn to support a group experience where everybody counts and strategies work for all while not giving up on anything.  While this might be challenging in practice, the very coming into being of this NVC-O models that it is possible.  
Yes, I am excited about inclusion and hope this supports wider participation, greater cohesion and collaboration across NVC global community. May there be efficiency and ease in this transition! ?
The NVC-O and waves project.
How to build real community in a virtual space? Or is there only one space? How to transform conflicts?
I'm excited about new possibilities for more community, more participation and connection  and more organized impact.
Clarity of purpose and vision
still learning what it's about
Assessible weaves to learn and grow into NVC, to spread to the world. The existence and journey to becoming a partner or ambassador.
Recognised Roles
RR Weaves
Social change
I use NVC to heal PTSD/DID. So mental health is important to me.
Yes, that we are learning how to deal with the needs of so many different people in so many different places and contexts (and our own needs) and can organize it in a more horizontal and self-organized way, that empowers people to join in and contribute. Really learning to shift to the paradigm of trust. (still a challenge for me)
using compassionate communication in my own life creates peace in my heart and life.
Just curious to see how it unfolds. I long for a coherent international umbrella organisation that will support the growth of NVC worldwide.
Contextualized NVC
I am especially excited about the organizational model, and the care, attention to detail, and adaptive, self-healing / self-correcting / self-improving transition processes that are being used in the implementation of this vision. It is gratifying to see how good the fit is between Marshall Rosenberg's vision of NVC as a vehicle for social / system change and Frederic Laloux's discovery and analysis of the organizations that have led the way of Reinventing Organizations.
Well, I really enjoyed reading all the facets of the mission. I found that they really resonated with me and I'm inspired by their creation and expression! I'm feeling excitement about being connected to you, as I believe these intentions of ours will reap the most powerful and widespread results if we join together and work in the ways you stated.
It all holds potential to nurture and spread NVC consciousness in a sustainable way. Structurally, a radical needs based effort that can hopefully become a model for other organizations as well. Much gratitude for all the labor and intention that brought us to here.
A more democratic, transparent and accessible governance.
structure and engagement
the chance to expand and really have the chance to take forth MBR's ideas of having us all go and share nvc in our communities however we can- not just as a trainer with a flipchart... but as mothers, teachers, dr's, bus drivers, politicians or CEO's. Also to support the integration of NVC in people from many different backgrounds and with different skills.
weaves; community; virtual community
To be more accessibly connected!
Internationalization and the weaves as an idea
yes - I like the scope for people to be at whatever level / depth of 'ambassador' training will suit their own situation
I am very excited about it. As I am reading it, it seems to me like, that this is exactly what I am needing in developing, growth and learning in my process as a candidate.
Creating Restorative, Resilient Community.
I LOVE the vision of a decentralized yet linked network of self-managing and self-organizing local NVC communities and thematic initiatives!
The website
I'm very excited to hear about the first annual NVC International Conference and when and where that may be. Thank you!
Deepening understanding of domination systems, and working with empowered compassion for a world where the needs of all living beings matter.
The Virtual Home; the creation of strategies for attending to conflicts within the community; the alignment between the New Future Plan and the paradigm that NVC points to, and the opportunity and invitation the Plan offers us to learn to live more fully in that paradigm; the intention to raise awareness of community members about issues of power and privilege.
Access to all NVC training/learning resources
the whole lot
joining weaves re: accessibility
joining together on a global evolutionary wave of compassion to bring relief, healing and transformation to individuals, groups and our world.
It's not really clear to me yet what the process or plan will bring in practice. My hope is for a more inclusive and less hierarchical organisation. As a first step, I am pleased about the creation of NVC-O with a defined membership. Knowing who we are as a group seems to me an essential first step towards deeper connections, restorative practices, integration and decision making.
timing of implementation
Sharing, availability, inclusion
the attempt to create a structure that resembles a living organism, that empowers people to generate and create. I am excited about its ambitiousness.
I am particularly excited about the work of the power, access and inclusion weave.
International Conflict Resolution Weave
A training in Brazil you could promote in the near future
Youth Work
Community building
I'm looking forward to the NVC-O Community sharing resources and facilitating collaborations. I'm also quite intrigued about the evolution of this Community and Organization.
It being a decentralized international network of NVC enthusiasts.
Recognized Role Weaves
Modeling nonviolence in how we organize ourselves.
Increased ability to become actively involved; ability to be included in decision-making.
Yes! 🙂
I am more excited about the calibre and diversity of people who are leading this initiative. They (I believe) have a grasp of the spirit of NVC, as well as the method.
Inclusion for POC and lower SES communities whose absence has not historically been recognized in NVC spaces
Mostly I am excited about us all becoming open to connecting, more alive, more ready to work together and create new ways to support peace in the world
being part of an international network of likeminded people / Virtual Home
so much! RR weaves and the new roles of IT, WC, and AC!
Recognized roles are no longer just limited to “CNVC certified trainer.” Instead, they include “NVC Practitioner” and “NVC Ambassador” in a variety of fields.
All of it!
the potential impact of the NVC-O and NVC-O Community on global social order
Recognized Role weaves, ease of connection.
by organizing I believe we can maximize our potential to achieve the vision we share.
I am curious about how a large organisation can run efficiently and effectively from a "power with" perspective
Yes; I am excited about seeing it in action.


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