A conflict has emerged within CNVC in relation to the Process for a New Future and the implementation of the New Future Plan. This page offers links to various communications related to this conflict. Items are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent message appearing first.

  1. Legal issues around CNVC and NFP (Op-Ed: Bob Wentworth; 2020-03-24)
  2. Status of the New Future Process (Op-Ed: Bob Wentworth; 2020-03-12)
  3. Who owns CNVC? (Op-Ed: Bob Wentworth; 2019-11-24)
  4. Impact on me of New Future status (Op-Ed: Bob Wentworth; 2019-11-16)
  5. Core issues affecting CNVC (Op-Ed: Bob Wentworth; 2019-11-10)
  6. Agreements about governance and financial management in CNVC (Op-Ed: Bob Wentworth; 2019-02-05)
  7. Shorter message about the conflict in CNVC (Op-Ed: Bob Wentworth; 2019-01-16)
  8. CNVC Mournings/Regrets (Newsletter: CNVC Board; 2019-01-13)
  9. About the Conflict in CNVC (Op-Ed: Bob Wentworth; 2019-01-12)
  10. Implementation tasks completed (Op-Ed: Bob Wentworth; 2018-09-20)
  11. Continuing concern about commitments not honored by the CNVC Board (Op-Ed: Bob Wentworth; 2018-09-19)
  12. Payment to Implementation Council (CNVC Board; 2018-09-10)
  13. Update and requests from Roxy Manning (Implementation Council: Roxy Manning; 2018-07-21)
  14. Considering the possibility of a misunderstanding about the NF Plan (Op-Ed: Bob Wentworth; 2018-06-17)
  15. Request that the Board prioritize connection (Op-Ed: Bob Wentworth; 2018-06-15)
  16. Request to pause proposed Board expansion by CNVC (Implementation Council; 2018-05-17)
  17. Results of May 10 Mediation with CNVC Board member and Implementation Council members (Joint Message; 2018-05-15)
  18. Critical moment in the New Future Process (Implementation Council; 2018-05-06)
  19. CNVC Board Letter to Implementation Council (CNVC Board; 2018-04-25)

Those who would like to help transform the conflict or support the the continuation of implementing the New Future Plan are invited to volunteer to help.

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