New Future Plan

The New Future Plan is the final work product of the first three phases of the Process for a New Future. The plan was ratified on January 13, 2017. ​New Future Plan Executive Summary Actionable Decisions Transition NVC-O Transition Phase CNVC Transition Plan Implementation Tasks Additional Advisory Information – folder contains what was originally called… Continue reading New Future Plan

New Future Plan: Actionable Decisions

 Presented to the NVC Community By the Integration Council January, 2017 We envision a world where systems, cultures, and individuals support the wellbeing and empowerment of all people, with care for past, present, and future life.

Results of Synanim “Framing the Big Picture” process

The Synanim “Framing the Big Picture” process was conducted in the summer of 2014 in four different languages. The process in each language produced a distinct summary statement: English (278 participants, 6 sessions, 36 countries) French (161 participants, 6 sessions, 13 countries) German (161 participants, 6 sessions, 7 countries) Japanese (5 participants, 2 sessions, 1 country) English OUR VISION A… Continue reading Results of Synanim “Framing the Big Picture” process

New Future Process

In April 2014, the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) announced that it was committing to a “Process for a New Future,” a community-based process in which members of the worldwide Nonviolent Communication (NVC) network would make concrete decisions about the evolution of the organisation. The overall process design included four phases. The third phase ended… Continue reading New Future Process