What is a Contributor?

A Contributor is a Member of the CNVC/NVC-O Community who actively helps implement, or get work done on behalf of, CNVC/NVC-O (the Organisation) — without having made the significant investment of time and energy involved in becoming a Transitional Partner.

What do Contributors do?

Contributors can:

  • Perform particular tasks that have been identified as needing doing, to support the implementation or operation of CNVC/NVC-O.
  • Participate in an Implementation Support Weave, a working group that works in coordination with a Transitional Partner to implement the decisions of the New Future Plan and create CNVC/NVC-O. (Contributors may be invited to join an existing or forming Implementation Support Weave, or can initiate the formation of a new Implementation Support Weave through dialog with a Transitional Partner. All Implementation Council members are Transitional Partners, and as time progresses, additional Transitional Partners will be added.)
  • Participate in an Organisational Weave, if invited by that weave or otherwise agreed with that weave.

Contributors participate in decision making to the extent that they are invited to do so by Transitional Partners.Transitional Partners are ultimately responsible for any decisions that are made on behalf of CNVC/NVC-O.

How do you become a Contributor?

  1. Members of the CNVC/NVC-O Community may serve as Contributors. (It is easy to join, if you have not already done so.)
  2. Register as a Contributor. This involves:
    1. Affirming that you have read and are in alignment with the Purpose and Mission of CNVC/NVC-O (the Organisation), which are distinct from those of the CNVC/NVC-O Community.
    2. Reading and affirming your agreement to participate in CNVC/NVC-O’s Feedback and Conflict Transformation systems.
    3. Sharing some information about how you would like to contribute.
    4. Affirming an intention to go through the Contributor Orientation Process (described below), if you end up actively contributing to CNVC/NVC-O on an ongoing basis.

That’s it! Once you register, you are officially a Contributor.

If you have any questions about affirmations that the registration process asks you make, you can ask contributor-support@nvc-global.net or attend a scheduled Contributor Q&A Session. Check the CNVC/NVC-O Member Calendar for scheduled Q&A sessions or email us to request one.

Contributor Orientation Process

The Contributor Orientation Process supports Contributors to know whatever they may need to know in order to contribute to CNVC/NVC-O effectively and in a way aligned that is with the values of the organisation.

It is not necessary to go through this orientation if you would like to do a few isolated tasks from time to time. However, if you become a member of a Weave, or want to contribute in an on-going way, participating in the Contributor Orientation Process is requested.

The orientation process involves the following components. Once you have registered as a Contributor, you are welcome to get started on these.

  1. Complete the Contributor Organisational Orientation:
    1. Read the following, and record any questions you have about these:
      1. Organisational Principles
      2. CNVC/NVC-O Information Systems
    2. Review the following (which were initially read during the registration process), and record any questions you have about these:
      1. Contributors Feedback System
      2. Contributors Conflict Transformation System
    3. Attend a Contributor Welcome/Question & Answer (Q&A) Session with a Contributor Orientation Guide. This session is intended to create a space to ask any questions that have arisen for you, to get answers, and to find clarity. (Look on the Community Calendar for an upcoming session, or contact Contributor Support (contributor-support@nvc-global.net) to schedule a session.)
  2. Complete the Contributor Orientation to Differences in Access:
    1. Contributors are asked to complete Level 1 of the Organisational Curriculum on Differences in Access. Going through this course will involve engaging with a number of resources (audio, video and written). There are also writing exercises and two tutorial calls. [We would like to be able to offer an estimate of how long engagement with this is likely to take, but are not realistically able to do that yet. A substantial investment of time is likely to be involved. Please offer feedback on how long it takes you to complete the course.] Follow these links to sign up for the course:
      1. CNVC/NVC-O Organisational Course on Differences in Access
      2. Power, Access and Inclusion Level 1 – sign up sheet
  3. Notify Contributor Support (contributor-support@nvc-global.net) that you have completed the orientation process.

As the orientation process is updated, existing Contributors may be asked to review additional materials.

What happens after you register?

Contributor Support will send you a welcome email acknowledging your registration as a Contributor. You will be provided with information about how to engage with the Contributor Request Management System (see below), which announces and tracks requests that Contributors could potentially choose to take on.

Once you are registered as a Contributor, you can either take the initiative to find a way to contribute, or wait to see if you are contacted with a specific request.

Take initiative:

  1. Visit the Contributor Request Management System (see below), to see if there is a request you might want to address.
  2. If you have an idea about some specific way that you would like to contribute, you might contact Contributor Support (contributor-support@nvc-global.net), or talk to a Transitional Partner who you know to be involved in the work area that you are interested in.
  3. Perhaps you were already invited to contribute in a particular way, before you registered. If so, follow up with whoever invited you to contribute.

Or wait for an invitation:

  1. You might be individually contacted about a particular request to contribute. (Whether or not this happens is likely to depend on what interests and skills you indicate having, when you register.)
  2. From time to time, general requests might be sent out to all Contributors.

Contributor Request Management System

All registered Contributors will receive access to an online system (currently on Trello) where requests for task or project support are listed. You can view that list and pick and choose if there is a task or role that you have the availability to take-on. These may be:

  • One-time support tasks like creating a visuals aid, slideshows; or audio recordings; or
  • Roles with recurring accountabilities like checking emails on a regular basis, editing content, or managing a calendar or social media account.

Note: Some roles might involve going through the Contributor Orientation Process, or addressing other requirements specific to the particular role.

If you want to use the Contributor Request Management System, you can follow the instructions on Trello or attend a Contributor Welcome/Q&A Session.

Ready to Register?

If you’re ready to register, proceed to Contributor Registration.

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