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Note: This website is essential defunct due to some extraordinarily painful events within the organization that was nominally sponsoring this work. It’s no longer under active development, but some materials on this site are of historical interest to members of the NVC community.



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About This Site

This website is a place for those passionate about Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to:

  • Build Community
    • take steps towards experiencing more “community” among those who care about NVC;
  • Build Organisation
  • Support Experimentation
    • discover what might work well, in a website to support a Community and an Organisation.

This website is fundamentally an experiment.

Although there is a hope that this website will be of service to the NVC community, this website represents our first fumbling attempts to put together something that vaguely resembles what we eventually dream of creating: a “Virtual Home,” or technology platform to support the worldwide NVC community, and a global organisation at its heart, in bringing the full benefits of NVC out into the world.

Those who are offering this website want you to understand up front that:

  • things are likely to change!

The way the site looks, how things work and how you can find things, what functionality is available – all of these may change. And, conversations that happen here might not continue to be available. If you want something to not be temporary, please try to reach an agreement with the website maintainers in advance about what you would want to make sure doesn’t get lost.

Having it be okay to change things is important to the website creators’ goal of learning and evolving to discover what works.

If you crave stability and ready-made solutions packaged for your use, then we invite you to visit, but it might not be satisfying for you to focus your attention on this website right now. If you’re open to experimentation, and discovering together what might work, then we look forward to your engagement with this site.


[This website is an offering of the Pre-Virtual Home Weave of CNVC/NVC-O. You can interact with the members of this weave about the website through our contact form, or through the Pre-Virtual Home forum on Loomio.]